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About Us - Vinha D' Alhos - Cozinha Tradicional

Vinha d 'Alhos is an open and very nice place. It presents a rustic but sober decoration and attentive to the details, with a service of excellence and a warm atmosphere, because these are requirements that its owners do not hesitate to provide to those who visit them in this space with capacity for 48 people.

Customer satisfaction is the main goal and the service has to be impeccable. Sympathy, efficiency in serving and explaining each dish combined with fast service are the essential rules.

In this space food has an emotional root, a link to the cultural context maintaining the tradition of our land.

Those who pass through Vinha d 'Alhos will know the traditional Portuguese gastronomy prepared with the love we have for food. In an environment designed to make guests feel at home, but with the detail of having someone who knows how to do it, delight in the combinations made between entrees, dishes and wines, all made with fresh and quality products. At the end of the day, stay for a chat while delight yourself with a fantastic dessert among other alternatives.

Vinha d 'Alhos has at lunch a more informal environment that focus on fast service without forgetting the essential: the quality of what you eat and drink.

As night falls, the atmosphere becomes more intimate and calm and it can offers cultural activities such as live music, exhibitions, theatrical nature activities, etc.

Take a break in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and join the family for a lunch or call your friends for a nice dinner at the Restaurant Vinha d 'Alhos in Valado dos Frades.